WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO NOW: Didi J unable to leave Thailand?

  • She didn’t expect this!
  • A pop star and fashion designer Dijana Jankovic after the huge success of her new singles has gone to Thailand with her husband Daniel Rokvic to relax and recharge her batteries for new professional successes. She initially booked a suite in the one of the most luxurious hotels for a month, but as she is a regular guest there they have decided to keep her longer than she planned, so the singer is now under the sweet torments whether to accept the generous offer to lounge and enjoy herself for another 15 days for free!
  • To celebrate the fact that she is the first Serbian pop star with an official channel on prestigious Vevo, the world’s leading music video platform, Didi set off to the faraway Phuket, just a day after New Year’s Eve celebration. That a singer with a prospective international career in sight definitely knows how to enjoy herself proves the fact that she will stay at this exotic destination till the end of January.
  • And while Didi luxuriates in Thailand, her Instagram profile is awash in likes and comments and inescapable compliments of her fans from all over the world. Day by day, Dijana’s Instagram profile has an ever growing number of followers, at the moment more than 600,000!
  • When she gets back from Thailand, there is an important project waiting for her, which will lead her to travel across the ocean.
  • The singer doesn’t want to shed light on a single detail about this new adventure, but true to her spirit, she must be working on something that will once again push the limits and set the standards, to which her admirers have grown accustomed.
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