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A singer Dijana Jankovic has for the first time opened the doors of her luxury home she shares with her hubby Daniel Rokvic.

To the crew of the show Trendy Living, Dijana first showed her living room with, as she put it, Fendi furniture which she chose with her hubby. The kitchen, she says, she uses rarely…

‘Generally, I cook when my busy schedule allows me to, for my husband, family, and dear friends, but I have to say that we travel a lot and eat in restaurants. Anyway, the kitchen is important for breakfasts,’ said Dijana.


The singer owns a couple of Olja Ivanjicki paintings.

‘My husband and I chose everything together, so even these paintings, and, if you ask me, they fit perfectly in our living room as they are so positive and cheerful,’ she added.

What particularly surprised the crew of this popular show is the lift which Dijana says she needs because of her high heels.

‘We had to put in a lift because I cannot go down from the third floor in my heels’, the singer was honest.

Dijana didn’t forget to show her wardrobe, too. She boasted, particularly, the newest model of Tom Ford boots, which, she says were very difficult to get hold of.