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A singer Dijana Jankovic celebrated her 27th birthday two nights ago at a glamorous party on the terrace of her villa, but, unfortunately, she ended up in the hospital as she felt sick after a wasp stung her. Everything happened around five in the morning when impatient Didi started unwrapping valuable presents she got.

‘Dijana felt the insect bite, but wasn’t aware that she’s allergic, and only when the swelling started to itch, she felt she couldn’t breathe in, so her husband Daniel took her to the hospital. Luckily, as soon as she was given an injection, she felt better, so she was released home yesterday morning’, says a source close to the singer and fashion designer, who celebrated her birthday surrounded by  numerous friends and associates. The most valuable present she got was a Cartier pink gold necklace studded with diamonds from her husband Daniel Rokvic.

And if you missed seeing what the party was like, you can do it here.

‘I’m a deliriously happy woman. I have a husband whom I adore, I’m professionally accomplished, I keep moving the standards in video production on the Balkans forward, and in addition to all that run a company with branches all over Europe. The only thing I secretly wish for is to become a mother soon’, reveals Didi her birthday wish.

A select group of people was present at the glamorous party and no one who wasn’t on the guest list could pass the security at the villa entrance. The garden and house were decorated with 200 balloons with Dijana’s initials while the guests sipped champagne. Another costly wine arrived from Madrid by a private jet on the day of her birthday. The birthday cake, 60 centimetres in diameter, was sprinkled with hearts while the fireworks lit the sky above the villa at the very moment when she made a wish. Among the guests were a TV host Snezana Dakic, a singer Jovana Tipsin, and many more.