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P1 Concept Store


DJ lansirala i prodajnu kolekciju! (foto: Tracara)

At an exclusive location, in the P1 Concept Store at Dorcol, a Serbian fashion designer and singer Dijana Jankovic exhibited a part of her saleable clothing range for SS 2015.

In an interview for Tracara.com, Dijana revealed how satisfied she is with her fashion line, what inspires her and how her music career, which she’s been diligently working on parallel with fashion design, is getting on. ‘I’m absolutely satisfied with my fashion line as this is only a start for me! I’m planning to open a spacious boutique in Belgrade – the construction works on the commercial complex where my store will also be are currently in progress. To tell you the truth, I put a lot of effort and it takes a lot of time to do this properly, but I made up my mind to display completed pieces here instead of keeping them in my atelier’, said Didi and added that the pieces are primarily intended for at good-looking girls who know what they want and whose goal is to look spectacular.

Komadi iz kolekcije DigitalPrincess mogu se naći u lokalu P1 (foto: Facebook)

To the reporter’s question whether she looks up to some high-end brands when designing and where she draws her inspiration from, Didi replied she is simply herself, different and puts her own mark on everything she does, which actually led her to success, while, still, her pieces present a mixture of styles and influences dear to her, together with everything she saw on her travels or fashion weeks around the globe.

Dijana ispred radnje (foto: Tracara.com)

Along with glamorous evening dresses, Dijana Jankovic launched a jeans range which will be for sale in her new boutique, the opening of which has been already announced

dijana jankovic tracaracom 06

dijana jankovic 05

When it comes to her music career, Dijana is studiously recording for Universal music, and that’s why she spent the last month in Vienna recording and tirelessly practicing all night long at times.

Dijani podrška bili suprug i Leontina (foto: Tracara)