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Lose yourself in Dijana Jankovic’s fashion empire: the singer opened up her wardrobe for the public

Ahead of New Year holidays, the popular singer decided to give a special treat to all of her fans – enjoy it.

The singer Dijana Jankovic often points out that fashion is her passion, and is quite a successful fashion designer herself.
Since her Instagram profile stands for a treasure trove of inspiration to all those who love fashion, we trust each and every of them ask themselves the following question: what does this young singer’s wardrobe look like?
Dijana obviously anticipated the wishes not only of her fans, but all fashion lovers, so on her Instagram profile she posted two videos showing her fashion empire.
Would you lose yourself or get your way around such an impressive wardrobe?


Lost in my fashion kingdom! ??Part 1 #theinternationaldiva #didi #dj #music #fashion

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The second room is almost ready! So excited! ?? Part 2 #didi #wardrobe #theinternationaldiva #fashion #music

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