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Lady Gaga Dijanin gost u Beogradu? (foto: Arhiva)

A few months ago, a singer and fashion designer Dijana Jankovic Rokvic met in Vienna an international pop sensation Lady Gaga, who is rumoured, according to Serbian press reports, to be coming to Belgrade soon.

Namely, Taylor Kinney, the 29-year-old singer’s fiancé, is shooting a horror The Forest in the Serbian capital, which made local media assume Gaga will visit Belgrade quite soon. It seems that in Belgrade Didi, who doesn’t hide her excitement at seeing Gaga again, will greet the American star.

‘Thrilled to see you again’, wrote Didi on Facebook, next to a photo of Lady Gaga and her. Whether the international pop sensation will enjoy the hospitality of her Serbian chum’s splendid villa in the centre of Belgrade or they’ll just see each other somewhere else, remains to be seen in the coming days.



In retrospect, when they first met, Didi said she got in touch with Gaga’s Kansas manager, too.

‘Gaga was delighted by a Versace dress I was wearing and complimented my styling. I had an opportunity to meet her Kansas manager, too, and I was told they are open for collaboration in the future though Gaga is overbooked’, Dijana said then.