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  • DIDI J was born on July 22, 1988, in Belgrade.
  • She comes from a prominent Serbian Jankovic family. Her father, Slavko, is a forestry engineer and her mother, Vladana, is a geological engineer. Her first cousin is a world-famous Serbian tennis player Jelena Jankovic, who ranked first on WTA list for a period of time.
  • Even as a little girl, she distinguished herself with her cheerful personality, musical talent, and exceptional beauty.
  • DIDI J completed her education, from elementary school through to her Master’s Degree in Belgrade.
  • She has a good command of four major languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Italian.
  • From her childhood, she has cherished a dream of working in showbiz. She first started as a model, later on working in the film industry, and, lastly, finding her true calling as a singer.
  • At fifteen, she completed a Fashion Model Course and became a model, which would consequently result in the fulfillment of her childhood of becoming a fashion designer with her very own fashion line.
  • In 2013, she married Daniel Rokvic, who is an IT expert, in Monte Carlo. A spectacular wedding, which was covered by all regional media outlets, was held in the Saint Charles Church.
  • In January 2014, DIDI J founded DJ Solutions, a company for the music video and commercial production which, in a short period of time, has become a leader in the field.


  • In 2009, she tried her skills at acting in the film Sefka Hodzic’s Crime where she had the main role. The film was aired on the most-watched TV channels in Serbia.


  • In 2010, then 19-year-old DIDI J, for the first time took part in and won the first prize at a prestigious pop music festival in Vrnjacka Banja with her song ‘Jaka’, written by Sasa Milosevic Mare, the author of the winning Eurovision song ‘Molitva’. This officially marked the start of her music career. Afterward, a music video was shot for the song, starring a popular Serbian TV host Vladimir Stanojevic.

  • In 2011, DIDI J collaborated with Kiki Lesandric and songwriter Marina Tucakovic on the song ‘Incognito’, of which she made an English version, too.
  • Incognito – a Serbian version:

  • In 2012, she recorded the song ‘ I opet tebe volim’, written by a well-known Serbian photographer Bojan Stanic, and the video for that song drew a lot of public attention all over the Balkans.
  • The song ‘I opet tebe volim’ was released by the leading Serbian record label CITY RECORDS, with both the song and the video achieving enormous success in Serbia and the throughout the Balkans, respectively.
  • A music video of the song ‘I opet tebe volim’:

  • In 2013, a remix of the song ‘And now I love you again’ featuring Sasa Joksimovic, became a huge success and heavily on rotation in clubs and discos.
  • ‘I opet tebe volim’ remix:

  • In March 2013, DIDI J recorded a single ‘Maksimalno moj’, written by the famous composer Damir Handanovic, and songwriter Marina Tucakovic, the author of the biggest hits in the region. The music video of the song was directed by the famous fashion photographer Milos Nadazdin.
  • With the song ‘Maksimalno moj’, DIDI J set the standards in the region, both in video and audio production.
  • The song is featured on the CITY RECORDS compilation – The Biggest Hits.
  • ‘Maksimalno moj’:

  • In August 2013, DIDI J collaborates again with the winning tandem Handanovic-Tucakovic on her next big hit ‘Zivelo more’, for which a music video was directed by Bojan Stanic.
  • ‘Zivelo more’ made the top of all music charts not only in Serbia but Montenegro, too, where the music video was actually shot.
  • ‘Zivelo more’ music video:

  • The song is featured on a CITY RECORDS compilation album.
  • In November 2013, DIDI J recorded the song ‘Lak muskarac’ in collaboration with AtelierTrag composers, while the music video was directed by a renowned Serbian film director Petar Pasic. The video proved to be a huge success and was additionally boosted by a strong advertising campaign.
  • ‘Lak muskarac’:


  • In 2014, DIDI J recorded ‘Ballerina’, the song which has proven to be the biggest hit in her career so far. It was written and produced by Leontina Vukomanovic, one of the most prominent vocal soloists in the region, and a songwriter) and Vladimir Grajic Graja (also produced the arrangement for Marija Serifovic’s song ‘Molitva’, a winner of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest). A high budget music video for this song was produced and filmed by DJ Solutions on locations at the famous exclusive resort Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. It was voted The Music Video of the Year and pushed the boundaries of creative limits in music video production in the region.
  • ‘Ballerina’ in Serbian:


  • In the second half of 2014, DIDI J began collaboration with two world-famous DJs, Geo Da Silva and Jack Mazzoni, on the production of an English version of the song.
  • ‘Ballerina’ in English:

  • In November 2014, DIDI J signed an exclusive contract with a Spanish production company Blanco y Negro, for the song ‘Love in the Air’, which she recorded with DJs Geo Da Silva and Jack Mazzoni.
  • Blanco y Negro production of ‘Love in the Air’:

  • The song was also licensed to TOCO INTERNATIONAL and featured on the compilation album Mix 10, released in Spain, Russia, and Poland.
  • ‘Love in the Air’ CD version for the Spanish market:



  • ‘Love in the Air’ made the Radio Maxima top chart. After the first week, the song was in the top 50 songs competing with world famous artists like Madonna and Maroon 5, and it steadily continued to climb the charts in the weeks following its initial release.


  • In March 2015, DIDI J launched a new hit ballad ‘Hiljadu sto’ for the ex-YU market. The song was produced by the same creative team responsible for DIDI J’s biggest hit ‘Ballerina’ – Leontina Vukomanovic and Graja.
  • ‘Hiljadu sto’ première in the most popular Serbian talk show Ami G Show
  • In May 2015, DIDI J recorded 4 new songs. Three of them were written by Geo Da Silva, and one by Thomas Rabitch. While songs are still in the pipeline, waiting for the final production, their demo versions can be heard here:



  • In 2006, DIDI J was discovered by a well-known Serbian fashion agency Select. At the period, she appeared in the most important fashion shows and collaborated with all relevant designers and brands in Serbia.
  • In 2011, DIDI J became the face of the Suzana Peric Brand, owned by Suzana Peric, one of the most important fashion designers in the region. She also performed her songs during the show. While starting her music career, DIDI J has become a fashion icon in Serbia and all the girls wanted to copy her outfits. She decided to launch her own fashion brand DJ Fashion.


  • In October 2014, DIDI J had her first DJ Fashion show, as a part of Fashion Selection event in Belgrade. After the show, DIDI J has been perceived as one of the most promising young designers in the region.

  • DIDI J has become a highly-in-demand designer with a popular brand, her fashion style is conspicuous and her followers range from ordinary teenagers to celebrities and politicians. As a recognized fashion connoisseur, she helps many to follow the latest fashion.
  • In March 2015, DIDI J launched her web shop on her official website:


  • Her second show was held in April 2015, when she was already established and sought-after designer.
  • Simultaneously launching her web shop and collaborating with popular multi-brand boutiques, she is currently in the process of opening two stores in Vienna and one in Belgrade.
  • Meanwhile Didi J got the proposal to try and break her career in the US. She went to Marvelous bootcamp in Atlanta where she worked on her vocal, dancing and the accent. After that she did the songs with Toby and Jens God( owners of the hits “If I were a boy”- Beyonce, “Big Girls Dont cry”- Fergie, “All of me”-John Legend. She also had the writing camp with the famous song writer Chase J from ROCNATION.

    She did a hit song “Say no more” featuring SHAGGY, the video was made in Miami, Florida ,with the one of the best video producers in the world GIL GREEN. The video became very popular in the States and it has about 10 million views already.

    Because of her signature style DIDI J attended a lot of the Fashion Weeks, Red carpets and TV SHOWS in the US. She also visited the Grammy Museum where she was introduced as an big international artist.

    By the end of the April 2017, DIDI J did her first USA tour in 11 cities including LA, Miami , Texas- Houstoun, Dalas, Chicago, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Seattle.

    Her goal is to become a big pop star in the United States.