I won’t be having time for Serbia!

  • The singer reveals for Mondo what her ordinary working day looks like, how she deals with negative comments in the media and why she is saying goodbye to Serbia.
  • Dijana Didi Jankovic, a singer, fashion designer, financial manager of a company and cousin of our famous tennis player Jelena Jankovic, launched the videos for the songs Tell me Why, Iluzija and Hiljadu sto in a popular Belgrade club.
  • With the singer, whose work many in Serbia question, we talked about whether ugly comments in media hurt her.
  • ‘I don’t pay attention to negative comments, because I have so many fans. Those who can’t accept me really don’t have to. It’s their problem. I, on the other hand, am a person who loves supporting successful people, who is always glad when someone carves out a career for themselves, when someone is beautiful… I’m neither a jealous person nor do I envy anyone, so when I see someone behaving like that I can’t understand it and I just pass it over in silence. Nothing can stop me, no stories, no gossip. I’ve set my goals and I’m pursuing them’, says Dijana for MONDO.
  • Didi says she believes in herself and time will tell how worthy she actually is.
  • ‘I’m not accepted here. I make pop music which is not so popular in Serbia. We all know this is the land of folk music. I have my ardent fans that follow me and believe in me. Actually, the most important thing is that I believe in myself, and for the rest time will tell.’
  • The last time we talked to this versatile artist, we found out that she has been working on major projects abroad. We asked her if that means she’ll be spending less time in Belgrade.
  • ‘I’m working on big projects, so I doubt I’ll have time for Serbia, but when I find some I’ll record a song in Serbian. My contract bars me from revealing anything yet. At the end of January I’m travelling across the ocean, where I’ll be cooperating with some great stars and serious managers that agreed to work with me. I hope you’ll be thrilled when you hear what we’ve worked on and that you’ll be proud of me.’
  • Besides recording assiduously, producing her videos and designing clothes, Dijana Jankovic gets up at 8 every day and goes to work. This is how her working day looks like.
  • ‘I get up very early, unlike some of our artists. I wake up around 8 or 9 in the morning, then go to my company which deals with advanced technologies and where I work as a financial manager. The company employs 400 people, so it can be very demanding. My husband is good with finances, but he doesn’t want to deal with it, so I took everything upon myself. He doesn’t carry the money around, doesn’t like counting… Still, he’s involved in some serious business. After managing finances, I go to lunch and jog for an hour every day. I love shopping, travelling…’.
  • Till recently, her designs could be bought in Belgrade, but Didi told us that now she wants to branch that business, too.
  • ‘I’ve had two fashion shows of my own. I got connected to the people from the fashion world not only in London, Vienna, but the States, too, so I expect to have fashion shows there. I have had one boutique here, and I’m currently waiting for another bigger one to open, where both my atelier and my outfits will be placed.’
  • MONDO portal journalists got as a present from Dijana T-shirts from her latest exclusive collection at the launch of the song ‘Iluzija’. The T-shirts, of course, with her image on them.
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