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Uživanje na Jadranu (foto: Facebook)

Bliss on the Adriatic (photo: Facebook)

A singer and fashion designer Dijana Jankovic Rokvic is currently in Montenegro trying to recharge her batteries for new business ventures.

Dijana is cruising the Adriatic Sea on her yacht with her hubby Daniel. To make the most of this cruise, she added some tasteful touches by embellishing the yacht with her initials and the logo of her DJ fashion line.

Didi recharging batteries for new business ventures (photo: Facebook)

After holidaying in Montenegro, Didi sails on, so she’s about to revel in the beautiful Greek resort Santorini.  Though relaxing, she also has her career on her mind, which is why she’s going to promote her new single in English soon. She worked on the single, which was written by famous producers from Israel and Spain, just before going on holiday.

We are sure that the popular singer will indeed recharge her batteries and then start fulfilling her dreams.