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dijana jankovic

In an interview for Bulevar.b92, Dijana Jankovic has revealed whether she attended any music school.

‘I never went to any music school. All I did about that matter were singing lessons with Ivana Peters of the band Negative. I went for two or three months to see what it was all about. Singing is just like the gym: if you do not follow the rules or breathe properly you can’t sing well. It is true I’m very talented, but every talent has to be preserved and polished. Thus, I’ve worked on myself. Before the festival in Vrnjacka Banja, I never thought of becoming a singer. My friends coaxed me to apply. I was in a shock when I heard that I won. Then I realized it was my way’, said Dijana.

To a question why she has got a lift in her home she replied:

‘I wouldn’t talk about the lift. Everyone can afford it. It’s not a luxury but the most normal thing in the world. I’m just an ordinary girl, I never wanted to brag about such things, but media, though, find it interesting. I can see now that other singers take photos of their homes, lifts and everything else, too. I started it and set a standard for the others. Why not! It’s a completely new way of promoting yourself.’

Jankovic also revealed that she doesn’t hire bots and here’s who writes positive comments about her:

‘That is ridiculous. There are so many girls who are my fans, who pine for me. When they communicate with me through Facebook, by phone or in person, they tremble, it’s incredible! There are girls and boys who day in, day out comment on my posts, send messages, plush toys, little gifts. I can’t see why I should pay bots. If I had them, I would have 15,000 followers, as that is no problem for me and my company. I want everything real; my life is genuine and original. The view counts for my songs are realistic; I’m not one of those who would buy YouTube views.’