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Dijana Jankovic DIDI & Geo Da Silva & Jack Mazzoni / BALLERINA

Produced by DJ solutions, 2014.
Arrangment by Geo Da Silva & Jack Mazzoni
DOWNLOAD : https://soundcloud.com/jankovicdijana/dijana-jankovic-balerina-geo-da-silva-and-jack-mazzoni-remix

You’re dancing under the sunlight
And the dancefloor’s getting hotter,
Of all the men that are falling,
At your feet now,
You will choose him.

I’ve been there and done that
I know how the game works,
Trying to smile but,
Inside my heart hurts.
You’re playing to win him
Should lower your guns now
Cause I had enough you, already won.

Ballerina, you’re acting like a diva
with the body of a sinner
dancing like a killer.
Ballerina, you think you have it all now,
But when he takes your heart out
You’ll be like every other.

Light all over your body
Makes him crazy, makes him hubgry
Standing here in the shadow
With the memories of my sin.

Cause I’ve been there ….


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