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The closing day of the 26th Fashion Selection started with Kids Fashion Day, a Deichmann Kids children shoe fashion show and a Serbian children brand Domino Kids by Nela Isakovic.

When designing SS2015 collection, Deichmann designers paid particular attention to the children range which follows all the latest international fashion trends. On the catwalk, girls were wearing sneakers, flats, and sandals in bright colours, bold patterns and floral motifs, adorned with colourful applications, rivets and stars.

The range for boys consists of comfortable and high-quality lace up, Velcro strap or zip trainers, in shades of green and blue, with always popular white and dark blue tones.

A fashion designer Nela Isakovic presented Domino Kids, one of the leading kid brands in the region, whose spring/summer collection consists of romantic items in bright colours. Domino Kids pieces are distinctive and exclusive, rich in handmade details, beads, lace… Everyday commercial items were shown, too. The most attention grabbing was the appearance of Zeljko Samardzic, one of the biggest pop stars in the region, who modelled together with his grandchildren Nina, Luka and Aleksa.

The evening part of the show was opened by Dijana Jankovic, who was for the second time at the Fashion Selection, this time with her Digital princess collection. She found inspiration in the everyday life filled with social media which influence every aspect of life, including fashion industry.

The range is made out of denim, cotton, wool and fine silk materials and organdy embellished with sequins, respectively. Dijana Jankovic’s fashion tale is an astounding fusion of street style and haute couture. Bright green, gold and white are dominant with inescapable black, generally characteristic of winter collections.

Dijana Jankovic got support from the first row from Sanja Marinkovic, Danijela Karic, Jovana Tipsin…

The 26th Fashion Selection is to be continued in May, when the Fashion Travel introducing Planet Sport will be held at Borsko Lake, from 15-17 May.