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At the upcoming 26th Fashion Selection, which will be held on 15 and 16 April in the Crystal Hall of the Hotel Yugoslavia, a Serbian fashion designer and singer Dijana Didi Jankovic will unveil her new collection.

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After a hugely successful show on last year’s Fashion Selection, the pop singer Dijana Jankovic established herself as a fashion designer, too. As it is widely known, Dijana loves and follows fashion, so it comes as no surprise that her collection drew very positive comments. Next week, on April 16, to be precise, Didi will introduce her new range. The collection, which is called Digital princess, is inspired by his new era where trends are dictated by social media. On her upcoming collection Dijana said:

‘I’m so happy that my new collection I’ve been working on for months will come into view soon. It is a very wearable range inspired by street style and the influence of social media on it. I used a variety of materials to conjure up my vision of an ‘Instagram princess’. For the first time, I’ve designed the accompanying accessories, too, which has definitely enhanced the whole outfit. And I’ll soon, as I did it with my music, launch it for the international market.’

We should wait and see the photos and videos of the show to assess together the new products of Dijana’s endeavours.


Source: pressserbia.com