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Didi se nakon krstarenja Jadranom usidrila na Santoriniju! (foto: Facebook)

After cruising the Adriatic Sea, Didi docked at Santorini! (photo: Facebook)

A singer and fashion designer Dijana Jankovic Rokvic after cruising the Adriatic Sea with her hubby Daniel set off for a luxury Greek resort Santorini.

A few weeks after he surprised her with a purebred stallion, Dijana’s hubby has given his best to make her happy once again by a romantic holiday on the one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

‘Dijana is enchanted by Santorini, so much so that she is thinking of buying a villa on this picturesque island in the Aegean Sea. While on holiday, she and Daniel are on a lookout for a property, so it should come as no surprise if, at the end of their holiday, they come back with the keys of their new villa’, a source close to the singer reveals.