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Didi ima novog ljubimca! (foto: Facebook)

Didi has got a new pet! (photo: Facebook)

A singer and fashion designer Dijana Jankovic Rokvic is a synonym of luxury in the Serbian showbiz.  Posh cars, a stately villa, Versace and Fendi furniture, a wardrobe to even make huge international stars jealous, are all reasons why opinions on Didi vary from adoration to demonization.

A few days ago, Daniel Rokvic, Dijana’s husband, bought a horse for her and absolutely thrilled his paramour, who is starting riding lessons because of her new pet.

‘The horsie is so gorgeous. This is the best present ever, but I haven’t given him a name yet. I’m taking horse-riding lessons to improve my riding skills as well as spend as much time as possible with my new favourite’, Didi said for Alo.