SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: You wouldn’t believe how many suitcases she took with her!

  • She left only walls at home.
  • Beware those who travel with Dijana Jankovic. For so many suitcases, you don’t only need a porter but an extra vehicle or, at least, a pick-up van!
  • We all know that Dijana Jankovic spends a small fortune on clothes and every single spare moment on shopping. Her wardrobe is nearly the size of a small flat and she loves taking photos in it. Under one of the pics she posted on social media she put as the caption that she is lost in her fashion empire.
  • It is not strange at all that she gets lost every single time she enters it, among those countless rails and shelves where items are so densely packed that not even a needle can fit. For a lot of people, it would be easier to go to the first shop and buy what they want to wear for some occasion than find a top or a skirt, … or anything at all, in that pile of stuff.
  • Now, try to imagine what it is like when she travels. Better yet, do not imagine, have a look.
  • – I am gonna miss my home! The USA calling!-
  • Dijana wrote under the photo she posted on social media.
    Judging from the number of suitcases, she left only walls at home. She would hardly miss them.

A star of Instagram: Didi J is the most-followed personality in the Balkans!

  • The pop star Didi J, who is equally successful in building her career in the fashion industry, is officially the most-followed celebrity in the Balkans on the social network Instagram. In the last few months, the profile of 27-years-old Didi has been overflown by followers from all over the world, who don’t hide their admiration for her personality and achievements. Day by day there are more and more of them, and today the digit’s passed 900,000.
  • Besides the fact that her revolutionary music videos push the boundaries of creative limits in the music video production in the region, Didi is also a known shopaholic, who by the size of her wardrobe and clothing items in it can even compete with international fashion icons. Quite often it happens that Dijana parades some luxury item, and then we can see that same outfit on the style icon Anna Dello Russo or Latino star J. Lo.
  • By all means, Didi will be soon the first star from the region that can boast a million followers on Instagram.