‘From my love.’
  • Dijana Didi Jankovic got us used to showcasing glamorous details from her life, so her birthday couldn’t go unnoticed either.
  • Didi celebrated her 27th birthday in her home at Vracar, with her family and friends, with inescapable fireworks. What’s more, she boasted of a birthday present that she got from her hubby Daniel Rokvic…
  • Under the photo of pink gold Cartier necklace studded with diamonds she wrote: ‘From my love.’
And if you missed seeing what the party was like, you can do it
  • Among others, Snezana Dakic, Marko Kon with his wife Milica Djordjevic, Jovana Tipsin, Petar Janosevic, Nevena Madjarevic, Irena Atanaskovic enhanced the birthday celebration …Among others, Snezana Dakic, Marko Kon with his wife Milica Djordjevic, Jovana Tipsin, Petar Janosevic, Nevena Madjarevic, Irena Atanaskovic enhanced the birthday celebration …
  • ‘I’m a deliriously happy woman. I have a husband whom I adore, I’m professionally accomplished, I keep moving the standards in video production on the Balkans forward, and in addition to all that run a company with branches all over Europe. The only thing I secretly wish for is to become a mother soon’, reveals Didi her birthday wish.
  • A select group of people was present at the glamorous party and no one who wasn’t on the guest list could pass the security at the villa entrance. The garden and house were decorated with 200 balloons with Dijana’s initials while the guests sipped champagne.
  • Another costly wine arrived from Madrid by a private jet on the day of her birthday. The birthday cake, 60 centimetres in diameter, was sprinkled with hearts while the fireworks lit the sky above the villa at the very moment when she made a wish. Among the guests were a TV host Snezana Dakic, a singer Jovana Tipsin, and many more.


  • After cruising the Adriatic Sea, Didi docked at Santorini!
  • A singer and fashion designer Dijana Jankovic Rokvic after cruising the Adriatic Sea with her hubby Daniel set off for a luxury Greek resort Santorini.
  • A few weeks after he surprised her with a purebred stallion, Dijana’s hubby has given his best to make her happy once again by a romantic holiday on the one of the most beautiful Greek islands.
  • ‘Dijana is enchanted by Santorini, so much so that she is thinking of buying a villa on this picturesque island in the Aegean Sea. While on holiday, she and Daniel are on a lookout for a property, so it should come as no surprise if, at the end of their holiday, they come back with the keys of their new villa’, a source close to the singer reveals.


  • A summer adventure of a singer Dijana Jankovic nearly ended fatally when, without a life jacket on, she fell over a powerboat into the water and started drowning. She went for a speed ride with her hairstylist who was taking care of her hair her entire stay on the yacht in Montenegro. When swerving toward the moored yacht they overturned the boat.
  • The singer then started to yell for help as she isn’t a confident swimmer. When her hubby Daniel heard her screaming, he at once jumped into the water and went to her rescue.
  • ‘In every misfortune there’s a ray of light so this time luckily everything turned out well and I was left unscathed. I’m so terrified by what could’ve happened and keep replaying the incident in my head, thinking what could’ve been. My husband Daniel was petrified but started swimming towards us immediately, he pulled me out and to cheer me up organized a wonderful dinner for me in the evening’, says Didi, who suffered a minor leg injury.


Bliss on the Adriatic
  • A singer and fashion designer Dijana Jankovic Rokvic is currently in Montenegro trying to recharge her batteries for new business ventures.
  • Dijana is cruising the Adriatic Sea on her yacht with her hubby Daniel. To make the most of this cruise, she added some tasteful touches by embellishing the yacht with her initials and the logo of her DJ fashion line.
  • After holidaying in Montenegro, Didi sails on, so she’s about to revel in the beautiful Greek resort Santorini.  Though relaxing, she also has her career on her mind, which is why she’s going to promote her new single in English soon. She worked on the single, which was written by famous producers from Israel and Spain, just before going on holiday.
  • We are sure that the popular singer will indeed recharge her batteries and then start fulfilling her dreams.